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how it all began


It all started when…

What would you do with your day if you didn’t need to earn money? “We’d make desserts” was Scott & Rhys' answer to that question in 2016. That was the seed of an idea that became 7 Sins. A dessert bar with a difference. Fresh desserts made from scratch, with love, just like you get in waffle houses and pancake places across the globe.

With the takeover from 7 Sins desserts Ltd and the move from Arbroath to Montrose in 2018. It meant more space, more scope, the added benefits of an alcohol licence and a bigger kitchen to increase our savoury menus. We then applied the same approach of our desserts towards the cocktail menu. fresh squeezed juices, with fresh herbs and homemade syrups, taking the time to make drinks in proper traditional style, has earned us a name as a go to place for cocktails. We then expanded our food offering to include lots of sharers, burgers and street food. Food that you can get messy with. Have fun with.

Our atmosphere makes people want to stay for hours and plan their next visit shortly after they leave. A spot where you could relax with friends or find a nice private corner while on a date. Since opening the doors, 7 sins has been very well received, using fresh local ingredients and changing their menu with the seasons.

So it's mid 2018... we have cracked the desserts, food and cocktails..... but there is something missing. The one thing that's missing in the town and surrounding areas...... the perfect party. So this June we relaunch. Revisit our concept and relaunch our evenings with our new "7sins After Dark" the perfect party venue. With live music, djs, bombs, cocktails, beer pong, gaming nights and much more. Every Thursday - open mic night with Calum Campbell, Every Friday - live music, Every Saturday - it's party night. Live djs, late night food offerings, cocktails, beers and bombs. Check out our posts for updates and what's on

Starting this June, we will be serving breakfasts and brunch from 10am, Our main menu from 12noon, Cocktails, beers, bombs and shots from 12noon, Then after dark rocking up from 9pm THURSDAY / FRIDAY / SATURDAY / SUNDAY. Kids welcome whilst eating. We have something for everyone. Great desserts, awesome drinks, amazing décor, bring some friends and we think you’ve found the recipe for a perfect day or night out.